Toyota Landcruiser 200

Special Protection Vehicle Toyota Landcruiser

We armor Toyota Landcruisers in B6 personal protection for foreign embassies. On request the windows may be operated electrically and the performance and handling are barely distinguishable from series vehicles. This vehicle is eminently suitable as the best basic vehicle for desert regions and provides space for up to seven passengers. With its special armoring technology in the floor pan area, the vehicle has proven itself capable of withstanding extremely high loads caused by explosions and mines. In the passenger compartment the Toyota Landcruiser boasts a high-quality leather interior and an exclusive comfort package. An extensive additional equipment package (extra fuel tanks, special run flat systems and brake systems, individual chassis tuning and engine performance) is put together to suit personal requirements and areas of use.


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Basic Vehicle: Toyota Landcruiser - petrol/diesel Licensed for use on European roads
Protection Level: none
Price: on application
Delivery Time: 8-10 weeks

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