Mercedes M-Class

Special Protection Vehicle Mercedes M-Class

The Mercedes M-Class is a very multifunctional all-purpose car and also in crisis areas a very suitable blast proof special protection vehicle. Besides its outstanding all-terrain capability the M-Class catches with the solidly constructed ladder frame which results a high payload. Furthermore the vehicle offers great comfort and as armored model place for seven passengers. Extremely resilient against explosions and mines the M-Class gets through the special armoring technology in the floor pan area. The passenger compartment is secured with an appropriate plastics technology against heavy machine gun fire. According to individual wishes of the customer there is an extensive range of additional equipment, for example special runflat systems, extra fuel tanks, individual chassis tuning and modified brake system. The vehicle also can be equipped with a light turret.

Basic Vehicle: Mercedes M-Class - ML 350 and ML 500 Licensed for use on European roads
Protection Level: B4 to B6/B7
Price: on application
Delivery Time: 8-10 weeks

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