VTTV Tactical

The VTTV is a versatile complete self propelled

equipment carrier suitable for any
kind of body : commando shelter, troop carrier,
riot vehicle, decontamination body ect.
The VTTV is unique because:

• High payload up to 5t and trailing load
10t (towing capacity up to 16t)

• For mission in conflict

• Due to its height adjustable hydraulic
suspension system the VTTT can
aim ground clearance which is a great
advantage for Mines and IED blast
because the blast will be absorbed
under the vehicle.

• Due to its predetermined breaking
point the VTTV is protected in Stanag
4569 Level 2a and 2b. With a special
Personal container the vehicle with its
predetermined breaking point can be
upgraded to Stanag Level 3a und 3b.


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