VT 2000 / 4×4

Special Vehicle Mercedes Sprinter Plastic body shell - VT 2000 / 4x4

During the 3-year development of this vehicle, a unitised plastic body has been developed which can be mounted according to the customer’s wishes on the chassis of the Mercedes Sprinter and VW-LT between a maximum permissible total weight of 2.8 t to 7.5 t. This hi-tech light armoring of 9 mm plastic is seamlessly laminated and cast in one piece. Advantages compared with conventional armoring: with a maximum permissible weight and class B3 the vehicle achieves a payload of 1,600 kg.

This vehicle is available as a cash carrier, troop carrier and ambulance vehicle in 4×4 four wheel drive (permanent or manually selectable four wheel drive) and in normal drive.
The Mercedes Sprinter VT 2000 / 4×4 can be armored up to class B7 and retains its outstanding off-road performance due to its low intrinsic weight. Additional advantages are; no corrosion, elastic body shell (golf ball principle), no deformation of the GRP components and lower consumption of fuel and wear parts due to the low weight.

Basic Vehicle: Mercedes Sprinter and VW-LT Licensed for use on European roads
Protection Level: B3 / B7
Price: on application
Delivery Time: on application

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