VT 2000 / 4×4

Special Vehicle Mercedes Sprinter Plastic body shell - VT 2000 / 4x4

The VT 2000 / 4×4 comes with a special unitized plastic body, which a developed during a 3-year phase and which can be mounted on different chassis according to the customers wishes. This solution is usable for Mercedes Sprinter and VW-LT with a maximum permissible total weight between 2.8 tons and 7.5 tons. The characteristic of this seamless, out of one piece casted and laminated chassis is it´s low weight, which can be achieved using high-modern techniques and materials. Compared with conventional vehicles essential higher payload can be accomplished. Resulting from the special composite solution and the elastic body shell (golf ball principle) there are many other benefits as low fuel consumption and low use of expendable parts (through the low weight), avoiding of corrosion or prevention of deformation of the GRP components. What also argues for the vehicle is its multifunctional use, for example as a cash carrier, a troop carrier or an ambulance vehicle as well as its excellent driving characteristics and its cross-country mobility. The VT 2000 is available in 4×4 – four wheel drive (permanent or manually selectable) and in normal drive.


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Protection Level: B3 / B7
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